What is all the buzz about Periscope and why has the hair industry adopted it with open arms.

If you have not heard of Periscope, you are missing out on one of the fastest growing social media platforms and one of the best social media tools for a hair professionals. Periscope came on the Spotlight in March of 2015 when Twitter bought Periscope. Periscope gives you the ability to broadcast live videos from your phone to the world.

For the broadcaster you can begin to show your videos to a more targeted audience in a more truer form that shows who you really are with no filters.

For viewers Periscope gives a more real sense of the person or company you are watching live, which makes the broadcaster more vulnerable but at the same time more transparent and viewers can decide if they want to follow and watch videos from this broadcaster.

The hair industry has adopted Periscope faster than any other social media platform to date. Periscope gives you the ability to not only network with other hair dressers, share both professional and personal experiences or struggles, learn and get help from each other, highlight your work, shows or events which in the past would only be seen by a limited audience. No other app has been able to bring this level of  human side interaction.

If you plan to Periscope for the first time, at first it might seem daunting because it makes you vulnerable being that its raw video where a person or company cannot do retakes and edits until everything looks perfect. As you do more periscopes you begin to feel more comfortable and begin to find your comfort zone and your audience. Periscope is also great even for users that might not be comfortable to expose themselves in live video but love to watch.  In fact the number of watchers far outnumbers the periscopes casting live videos. So what are you waiting for download the app, watch a few periscopes and if you feel you are ready do your fist Periscope you wont look back.

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